Still from Barry Anderson’s The Janus Restraint. Image Courtesy of the Artist

Check out these two articles on Kansas City’s Informality Arts and Culture Blog highlighting a great exhibition Against the Screen presented by our conference partners Charlotte Street Foundation running through October 7th.

Journeys and Cross-Generational Narratives in Barry Anderson’s The Janus Restraint

“A labyrinth evolves before us in Barry Anderson’s The Janus Restraint, the ongoing multimedia project begun in 2012. Anderson has created a kaleidoscope of epic semi-narrative proportions, which merges mythology, romantic landscapes, and personal symbolism.The project could be considered an extended portrait of the artist’s son, who’s featured heavily in the work, although such a simplification would do a disservice to the richness of the piece.”

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Deconstructing Reality: Caitlin Horsmon’s Transformative Video Installations

“It is not necessary to create a world, but the possibility of a world”

Jean-Luc Goddard

What might you do if suddenly the walls of your beloved home began changing? Expanding and contracting, breathing and bleeding, altering without any sense of reason? In Caitlin Horsmon’s work Sense of Place, she creates an immersive video installation that works with these ideas.  Interested in merging reality with fiction to create experiences, Horsmon examines the idea of place through theatrical gestures within spliced video footage. She transforms place into space and back again exploring their histories and the objects they hold, altering their architecture and highlighting their quirks and imperfections.”

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