A friend of mine sent me an article about wealthy art collectors who encounter problems when they store their valuable art collections on their yachts. It’s not exactly a problem that 99.99% of us need to worry about, but one story in particular caught my attention due to the humor involved. An unnamed art collector and yacht owner reportedly had young children who found the Jean-Michel Basquiat painting on board to be a bit scary. The kids had the idea that maybe the scary painting would go away if they flung spoonfuls of cornflakes at it, and the yacht crew, who were not aware of the value of the same Basquiat painting, thought that they would help out by wiping the cornflakes off of the canvas, further damaging it. This story seems a little odd at the same time, because I really can’t imagine that a brief moment of contact between cornflakes and an oil-on-canvas painting would do much to damage the oil paint, and a quick wipe with a paper towel or cloth towel is not going to affect the oil paint either. So I don’t know the exact logistics regarding the damage, but let’s just say those yacht-living kids (and staff) need a lesson in art history!