Shoe brand Gray Matters hired Brooklyn-based design studio Bower to design their 2,000-square-foot showroom in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The new, appointment-only space showcases the brand’s latest collection alongside classic and best-selling designs, while also being home to their studio.

The surfaces are painted white and act as the backdrop to the modern interior and the shoes themselves. The perimeter is outfitted with built-in benches and shelves to keep it grounded, while leaving the floor space room to breathe. A flowing rug draws the eye from one side to the other where it joins a custom version of Bower’s Archway Mirror. The reflection in the mirror makes it look as if there’s an adjacent showroom, giving the space a larger feel.

Bower didn’t just design the overall space, they designed the furniture pieces, lighting, and mirrors, like the previously mentioned one above.

The leathery color of the rug matches the travertine table tops, which were inspired by some of the brand’s shoe collections. In contrast, they incorporated a dusty blue color that reflects spots of comfortable seating throughout.

The egg-shaped table bases give nod to Gray Matters’ Mildred shoes which feature heels in that shape.

Photos by Charlie Schuck.