I saw this display of hand-painted shoes at the Outsider Art Fair last weekend. They’re the work of Rick Skogsberg, a 70 year old artist who lives in Vermont. He has no formal training in art, which is what qualifies him as an outsider artist, but he does have an MFA in poetry and has worked in software development, in addition to a number of other jobs. He’s been drawing and painting on shoes for the last 3+ years, and this installation showed a number of those creations.

So my question for you is: if you bought one of Skogsberg’s original one-of-a-kind customized shoes, assuming they were the right size, would you wear them? Or put them on a pedestal and display them as art? I’m not sure what the price range was for this work, but I would have a hard time NOT wanting to wear this pair of shoes (below right) out where people could see them … talk about a conversation starter!

To learn more about Rick Skogsberg and his art, check out his website here.