How Did I Get By Without My Magnetic Lashes? 

Artificial eyelashes are glam girl’s BFF. And if you are like me, the idea of professionally applied falsies sounds great. However, I have to inform you that if you consider posh salons and acquire the best but expensive services, like getting a full set of fake eyelashes – just leave it! You can find something better on the market today that may change the way one looks at lashes. I’m talking about magnetic lashes. Yes, magnetic falsies do exist! 

Designed exclusively for a company called One Two Cosmetics, One Two Lash magnetic lashes are a game changer! 

Introducing the World’s First Ever Magnetic Eyelashes: One Two Lash 

If you have ever thought about buying fake eyelashes, you may have already realized that not all falsies are created equal. In fact, today if you want to get a set of lash extensions you can either go to a salon, and pay upwards of $300.00 per month on the application, maintenance, and removal of the lashes, or you can purchase a store-bought faux lash kit. Either way, you look at it, you will have to face the fact that both of these options include smelly glue, which usually burns your skin. And after digging around online for another choice, I realized that even posh lash salons use glue that contains toxic ingredients including formaldehyde – an ingredient shown in clinical trials to damage the eye and even cause eye disorders.1 

When I found the One Two Cosmetics website online, needless to say, I was thrilled to find out that they made not one, but three different styles of magnetic lashes all called One Two Lash. They include a basic set called Original Lash, a thicker set called Bold Lash, as well as a more glamorous looking set called the Accent Lash. 

After looking around on the One Two Cosmetics website for a little while, I realized that these magnetic lashes were not only glue-free, but that they also were 100% washable, and thus reusable. Beauty game changer over here! So, all you become to do to get the most luscious looking lashes you’ve ever had is to apply the One Two Lashes to your natural eyelashes at home. 

How-To Apply One Two Lash Magnetic Eyelashes 

On the One Two Cosmetics website it is explained a little better how the magnetic lashes work, but here is a quick breakdown of the steps. 

  1. Take the top One Two Lash out of the hard case, and gently hold it just above your natural top eyelash. Then place the magnetic lashes on top of your natural lash, pushing the micro-magnets back all the way to your lash line.        magnetic lashes
  2. Let the top One Two Lash rest on your top eyelash, and remove the bottom One Two Lash from the case. magnetic lashes
  3. Hold the bottom One Two Lash below your top natural eyelash, and slowly bring the bottom magnetic eyelash up towards the top one.   magnetic lashes 
  4. You will feel the tiny magnets start to attract. Let them connect, sandwiching your natural eyelash between the two One Two Lash magnetic lashes. They will snap into place, and you may need to then blink them a few times so that they set. magnetic lashes

But that’s it! It’s never been easier to get the falsie look without the pain, or frustration of regular fake lashes. 

With One Two Lash magnetic lashes, now you can skip the stinky eyelash glue, the sharp metal application tools, and the time spent re-applying lashes that never seem to look straight with the help of these ultra-glam magnetic lashes. Just look at how simple, and easy it is to remove the One Two Lashes. 

To Remove One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes: Hold both One Two Lashes at the base, right where the micro magnets are, and then slide the magnets away from each other. This will break the magnetic connection, and allow you to re-apply the lashes as many times as you need to, to get them just right. 

Just remember: Every set of One Two Lash magnetic lashes was designed to wear again, and again so you NEVER want to pull at the lashes to remove them. This is one quick way to damage the natural curl of the One Two Lashes and lessen sometimes you can wear each set of the magnetic lashes. 

The Reason One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes Are the BEST Fake Eyelashes 

magnetic lashes

Fall in love with the lashes and your look again with the first ever magnetic lashes exclusively from One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics! They are the best fake eyelashes for so many reasons, but I’ve decided that the #1 reason I love One Two Lash magnetic lashes is that they are re-useable. So, now when I want to get some serious lash envy I just use One Two Cosmetic’s One Two Wash, and clean away any lingering makeup on the One Two Lashes (yes, you can wear makeup with them), and wear the other set in the case while they dry. 

If you are shopping for the BEST fake eyelashes, you have just found them! I couldn’t be happier to share the innovative design of One Two Lashes with you so that you can find out what I did – magnetic lashes change the way you do beauty. Find out for yourself what happens when you try the world’s first glue-free falsie. I think you’ll be as happy as I am that you did.