I continue to get interesting e-mails from readers of the Artsology blog who find my posts on rock art and want to submit their own finds. The latest comes from a reader named Jimmy, who writes: “I found your site while looking for information on native American effigy stones. My cabin sits on an ancient quarry site and this is what I found. It’s an axe made of white quartz. In it are strange and frightening faces.”

At first, I could only see a face in the image above left; the most-obvious thing to me is the nose, and then one can easily imagine eyes, a feint suggestion of teeth, and a jawline. But the more I looked at these photos, I started to see things, including some visual references to Hollywood movies. Below are my interpretations. The first one shows another version of Jimmy’s original picture (at left), and then my own drawing on top to show what I see (top right). But then I had to take into account what seems like red hair, and it made me think of Ghost Rider!

rock art that reminds me of Ghost Rider with hair of flames

The 2nd image provided by Jimmy then started to take on an appearance of something familiar … perhaps a profile view of the creature in the Alien movie?

rock art alien movie creature

The last image provided by Jimmy doesn’t strike me in any way as far as seeing any faces; it almost appears to be a pulled-back view of the 2nd picture, showing the full quartz rock. If you see anything in the 3rd image, let me know in the comments below.