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A reader tipped me off yesterday to the fact that the Margaret Keane portrait of Jerry Lewis and his family which I wrote about last year is now up for sale at auction. It’s taking place on Sunday, May 6th at the Santa Monica Auctions at the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, California. Jerry Lewis passed away last year at the age of 91, and from what I’ve seen online, he left his estate to his widow SanDee and their adopted daughter, Danielle, so I guess they’ve decided to sell it, along with his house. None of the kids who are actually in the painting were included in the will, but what I read about that seemed like tabloid gossip, so I’m not going to bother with details.

So the question is: who is a big-enough Jerry Lewis fan, or Margaret Keane fan, ready to snap up this newly-available piece?