I’ve been playing around with shapes…how to use them and doodle with them and what every comes up…this morning while doing my morning pages….I was stuck with need to put them down on the pages and what would you do differently with the shapes..and how can they be something else in a pattern…rambling..but it’s documented and not rolling around in the mindscape. 

I don’t talk as much as I would like to with my mom,  She’s a busy woman,  75 I believe and a school bus driver and a care giver for my step father Bill,  They were both truck driver that travel across United States for many years…Husband and Wife team drivers.  So proud of them…So I found this on Facebook my mom dressed up as a nurse.  How cute she is…and good to see Bill too, he looks so happy. 

So in my collage sketchbook I decided to create a beginning sketch of a Collage Totem, I have a class that’s to start in January and it’s good to refresh my steps before hand…and I’m making a hand out packet for the class…something I do for me mostly so I can stay on course when teaching and for the students…which as I would do too take my own notes while in class but afterwards when I would continue I would have the info to do just that.  

Well off to explore this totem sketch further.