I read an interesting and kind of funny anecdote about Andy Warhol and his portrait series, which he started doing as commissioned works in the 1970s to help pay the bills. He would also paint portraits of other artists as part of trading works with those particular artists.

The anecdote relates to artist Kenny Scharf, who worked out an agreement with Warhol in 1984 to have a portrait done of his family, including wife Tereza and daughter Zena. Warhol insisted on doing the family portrait as a diptych: one panel with Kenny and Zena, and the second panel with Tereza and Zena. His reasoning? Married couples eventually get divorced, so by painting the family portrait as a diptych, they wouldn’t have to fight over who gets it when the time comes. And what happened? When the Scharfs split up 17 years later, they each simply took their single panel with them.

Pictured below: Kenny Scharf and Zena in his half of the diptych; Tereza and Zena in her panel.