I received some blogging assistance from a pair of college buddies yesterday, one of whom sent me on a search for vintage baseball player images, and another who sent me these images from the New York State Fair. This life-size butter sculpture, situated in a refrigerated room, is the work of artists Jim Victor and Marie Pelton. The theme of this piece is “Your Milk Comes From A Good Place,” and features a farmer transporting milk from his dairy farm straight to a shopper in the grocery aisle. Outside, a young boy takes a selfie with a small cow. The whole sculpture consists of 800 pounds of butter (!!!!) and took ten days to create.

The artists are a husband and wife team who make sculptures from various food media, and have a long history of creating butter sculptures for State and County Fairs. So, how did they do it? How does one create life-sized, free-standing butter sculptures of people? Check out the video below to see them make this sculpture.

I’m sure plenty of people wonder: what’s going to happen to 800 pounds of butter once the fair is over? That can cover a lot of toast … but instead, the sculpture will be dismantled after the fair and taken to a local farm where it will be recycled in a methane digester to create electricity and liquid fertilizer for crops.

To learn more about the artists, check out their website here.