Art Revolutionaries, Alexandre and Christopher Couto (also known as The Couto Bros), are two brothers who have turned their passion for creativity and creation into careers as artists. While they focus on painting and airbrushing canvas as a medium, they have also done work with sculpture, installations, and even in the fashion industry. These brothers are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with and their methods are quite mind-blowing, as they often create a painting on one canvas together at the same time. Any artist with painting experience knows how difficult this can be, even amongst siblings. Every artist’s style in different in some way, and it can be difficult to find a perfect balance and coherence of technique.  

While the brothers’ art comes together in a glorious way, it should be noted that they are two very different people with two very different styles and techniques. They have even been described as total opposites by those who know them well. These differences allow them to come together to create an inimitable look that you won’t find anywhere else. You will know a Couto Bothers piece when you see it.  


Magically, the Couto Brothers have found a way to blend their methods to create awe inspiring and sometimes even horror inducing images that will surely make you think and feel. Their work has a heavy focus on the human body, particularly the hands. They create an untraditional blend of contemporary modernism with a psychedelic touch. Their paintings are morbid, unique, and inspiring. There are themes of life, creation, and beauty as well as themes of death, decay, and violence. Their experiences living on two different continents and extensive travels to four others have certainly influenced their ability to appeal to those from all walks of life. They were raised in South America in Brazil. However, they have also lived in China and India. Their travels include all parts of the globe, including Europe, Africa, and North America. And you can really tell when you view their eclectic range of modern art.  


You can even find famous faces in their work, like in their painting, “Think Big” featuring the late Notorious B.I.G. There are heavy focuses on urban culture and its place in the world. There is a similar painting featuring Marcus Garvey. You can also find paintings of a psychedelic Mickey Mouse holding semi-automatic weapons. They have many pieces with brightly colored firearms. You can also find a more rural and natural touch with some of their pieces. You will find canvases with a tribal feel, displaying bodies entwined or even flies mating. Beautifully morbid does not begin to describe the depths of these artists’ souls. You’ll find gang signs, polo-playing grim reapers, helicopters, and abstract images that will remind you of a Rorschach test.  

Couto Brothers - Biggie

If you consider yourself unique and eclectic, you will surely find many pieces from their gallery that will excite and horrify you in the best ways possible. They are paintings that almost anyone would enjoy displaying in their home. But, they are not for the faint of heart. These are bold, young artists and their biggest fans are equally bold and don’t fall in with the herd. They have experienced more diversity in their young lives than many of us may in our entire lifespan. They have travelled the globe, picking up cultural insight along the way, and you are sure to gain a sense of that when you view their creations.  


Aside from their canvas art, you can find their unique style in photography, fashion, and other mediums. You can find images of the female body covered by nothing but their signature, psychedelic designs. They have helped to create bandanas and even swimwear. You can find horrific as well as beautiful images in which their signature patterns have been overlaid. They have even had the opportunity to do street art. You can find one of their outdoor murals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their bandanas (scarves) have been aptly titled under the release name of “Lord of the Flies.” And you can certainly find many flies in their art.   


Their style is loud. The imagery is appealing and repulsive at the same time. Their work might make you uncomfortable, but they definitely do what art is intended to do – inspire you to think, to feel, to experience, and to ponder the world in which you live. If you are looking for artists with an expansive world view and an ability to also expand your mind with their creations, then look no more. The Couto Brothers are a unique and mind-altering inspiration in the world of art, and we are sure to be hearing about and seeing much more of them in the future. We’re excited to watch where their dreams and careers will take them next.  


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