Hired by a golf-loving businessman, BAM! Arquitectura designed the two-story Golf House in Escobar, a province in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that explores light and heavy materials and a composition comprised of volumes. The muted exterior blends in with the surrounding landscape with its concrete clad first floor and white volume second story. The front of the house is more closed off, with the rear opening up with expansive glass panels overlooking a golf course.

The home’s perimeter incorporates voids breaking up the composition and adding to the visual interest.

The second floor cantilevers out over the backyard revealing a green roof full of local vegetation while also creating shade-producing overhangs for the back patio.

The ground level is the public section of the house with large open spaces for socializing while the upper level houses the private spaces.

The concrete continues inside onto the walls and ceilings and it’s combined with warm wooden details and glass that allows plenty of natural light in.

Photos by Javier Agustin Rojas.