I saw some images of a line of furniture called “The Wrongwoods Collection,” a collaboration between designer Sebastian Wrong (what a great name, right?), and artist Richard Woods. The cartoon-style “wood texture” design comes from Woods (of course, with a name like that!), and the furniture style comes from Wrong … below left is the Wrongwoods Night Table, and below right is the Wrongwoods Studio Chair.

It would be hard to not see a little inspiration coming from the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein; below left we have Lichtenstein’s “Trompe L’oeil with Léger Head and Paintbrush,” 1973, and below right we have “The Den,” 1992.

two art works by Roy Lichtenstein

My next question would be: how do the Wrongwoods pieces look in a regular room? Do you need a cartoon style room for it to make sense? I don’t think so, as this picture below shows … the pieces are bright and bold, and I think it would be fun to live with furniture like this.

Wrongwoods Collection furniture in room setting

Okay, so are you ready to go out and buy your own Wrongwoods furniture? You can get started here or here. You can even get select pieces at the MoMA Design Store.