If you’ve ever seen any of our Arts Adventurer features, you’ll know that we consider the views in the underwater world to be an interactive art work. Taking this one step further, there’s now an amazing hotel villa in the Maldives that allows one to spend your vacation underwater!

“The Muraka” is a separate villa suite which is connected by jetty to the Hilton’s Conrad Hotels Maldives Rangali Island resort in the Maldives. The suite has an above-water area with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, gym, butler’s quarters, living room, kitchen, bar, and dining area, along with a deck and pool. But the highlight is taking a spiral staircase down to the lower level, which sits approximately 16 feet under sea level, with a curved acrylic dome that offers a 180 degree view of the Indian Ocean. Can you imagine sleeping in this bed?

Before you cancel your reservation at one of the budget hotels in the Maldives, please note that a stay at The Muraka runs about $50,000 per night. The price tag includes being flown in on a private seaplane that lands at a private jetty, or one can be picked up from the main resort in a speedboat that is available to use for the duration of the stay. The Muraka suite comes with dedicated staff, including a butler and a chef, to facilitate round-the-clock service, and everything else from massage therapists to trainers can be arranged and are included.

We could pull up a number of additional photos, but perhaps a video is better to give the proper feel of this experience:

Creating this villa is another story – it cost $15 million to build! Construction took place in Singapore, including acrylic from Japan’s premiere aquarium manufacturer Nippura Co., and then the 600-ton structure was hoisted by crane onto a specialized ship that transported it to the Maldives. They wanted to moor it near the reef and took great care to make sure that the installation of the structure didn’t damage it. There are marine biologists on staff to ensure that the sunken villa has minimal impact on the surrounding coral, and is held firmly in place by 10 concrete piles that ensure it will never move or shift due to high tides or rough seas. If you’d like to learn more about the building of this amazing structure, check out the video below: