The notion of combining Eastern tradition with modern science is the basis for many of the trendy approaches associated with modern health. This isn’t just a fad, though, as science is showing that some of the methods of the past have more truth than given credit for. Look around you—from fermented foods to ancient grains to meditation, what is old has become new again.1

What can be a bit of a struggle here is finding out where to start. All kinds of companies are trying their hand in this field, but you want a reliable partner to full-body wellness. This means products that are tested and proven, as well as ingredients that you recognize. Equally important is a clear mission that helps you feel better, inside and out. Look no further than ActivatedYou.

The ActivatedYou Story

ActivatedYou is a partnership between Dr. Edison de Mello and actress Maggie Q. Maggie Q may be known for her roles in on TV and screen, but she has also been an advocate for those in need all her life. Her own struggles with personal health stemmed from her youth, where an undiagnosed condition left her struggling with fatigue, mood swings and bloating. As she worked to get to the top of Hollywood, she also developed a deep interest in the world of nutrition. Today, Maggie Q is working to connect health, well-being, and sustainability, something that we all can aspire to.

This makes the perfect match for Dr. de Mello. On top of being a physician and psychotherapist, he is also the Founder and Medical Director of the world-renowned Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. His special East-meets-West approach helps patients from families to Hollywood celebrities. As Medical Director and co-founder of Activated You, he carries over his philosophy that one should “meet their patient before meeting their condition.”

This is espoused by the ActivatedYou brand by Akasha Naturals, combining modern science with knowledge of Chinese medicine, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, and more. Combine these factors together, and this makes the perfect combination for your gut and beyond.

What’s So Great About Whole Body Wellness?

If you’re a bit skeptical of how our bodies are connected, look no further than the gut. Our body is home to over 100 million organisms, known as the microbiome. These tend to congregate in certain areas, like the skin and mouth. However, the gut microbiome is the most widely studied.2 Most people associate these little organisms with these organisms are the source of communication between the gut and brain. In fact, certain parts of the gut microbiome even release their own neurotransmitters. In essence, they speak to the brain in its own language.3

Like any forest or even your backyard, the body is its own ecosystem. This means that it naturally works in harmony, but can also be thrown off balance. It’s one thing if you have a little indigestion. But the connection between the gut and brain means that an issue in one area can pose a larger one.4

This is why the ActivatedYou mission is so important. Using one medical technique can alleviate one condition, but the body’s systems don’t work alone. As a result, when you are well, you want to make sure that you taking approaches that help your whole body at once. There are lots of lifestyle choices you can make that allow this to happen. For example, regular exercise can help you drop a few pounds.But did you also know it can support your mental health?You want to support these lifestyle changes with supplements that take the same approach.

Putting the Products to Work

The perfect example of whole body wellness in action comes from ActivatedYou’s Advanced Restorative Probiotic. You may know that probiotics are linked to just about anything from better digestive health to lower risk of certain conditions.7,8 Success in this area is all about the right strains of good bacteria.

The Advanced Restorative Probiotic is the one of the most powerful probiotic strains on the market today. This follows the idea of other probiotics in terms of populating the gut with healthy bacteria. But where it stands apart is the fact that it has over 30 strains, is completely vegetarian, and takes an all-inclusive approach. Keep an eye out for your energy levels, mood, and overall health.

This is only one part of ActivatedYou’s great product lineup. Trying to deal with daily stresses? Use Serene 5, a blend of ingredients that promote sleep and leave you feeling calmer.Or, for a boost in the morning before work, try out Morning Complete. This green apple-flavored drink combines prebiotics, probiotics, and green superfoods? The result? A final product that keeps you going all day. Combine these products with the right lifestyle choices, and you’ll be well on the path to a healthier, happier life.