I saw this funky early 20th century desk in the “American Decorative Arts” section of the Yale University Art Gallery. When I went to check the wall label, I was amused to find out that the designer’s name was Donald Deskey. If you’ve got the last name “Deskey,” what do you think you should make? I think “desks” fit the bill, and this is a handsome one, made circa 1929. I’ve got a 2nd view of the same desk from the right side, below right, so you can see part of it from a different angle.

Let’s take a look at some other desks designed by Donald Deskey – here’s four more to give you a better idea of his design style.

desks designed by Donald Deskey

Despite my joke about someone named Deskey needing to make desks, Donald Deskey (1894 – 1989) made other types of furniture. He had some really cool designs, I’d love to own any of these. Clockwise, from top left: Art Deco Chrome and Maple Burl Wood Side Table; Chest of Drawers; Table Lamp; Walnut Dental Cabinet.

Donald Deskey Furniture